Erban continued training in the Netherlands but had to change the team


“But I do not see it as a big change. Our team broke up so I had to look for another one. Rather than looking around, I have teamed with the rest of the team with the Afterpay team, which I have been preparing since May. I was a little afraid, but the change was pretty smooth. I’m getting used to it and feeling good, “Erban said. The end of activities Continued with the decision of three-time Olympic winner Marianne Timmer to continue more training than other speed-racing projects. Contin Team has renamed and focuses on men’s races.

“The Heerenveen team is the base of all teams, so nothing has changed from that point of view. Only the team around me, “said Erban, who does not train much at the moment in Mecca.Thialf has been rebuilt.

She had to get used to new trainers. “Basic training is not different, Dutch training is similar. But it is true that every coach prefers other things. I like that change has come and one gets used to something new. New impulse, new ideas. It’s refreshing, “said a short-haul specialist.

After leaving the Martina Sáblíková training group, Erbanová had to deal with the financial side, and the preparation in the Netherlands must be covered by the sponsors. I have to say now that’s fine. I have a great deal of support from sponsors, which helps me a lot. And we start the World Cup or World Championships with the Czech Federation.The situation is steady, “said Erban.

The double bronze medalist from the world championship has already had the first races, last week she was introduced to the five hundreds in Inzell, where she is currently coaching with the team. p> “I was happy. Immediately after I arrived in Germany, I became ill, for four days I was out and I still do not feel comfortable at the moment. But I wanted to finish the race and eventually I did better than last year at the first races. So fine, “said Erban, who will be preparing in Germany next week. Then he will look home for the jump and the World Cup series in China will start in November.


Swimmer Janecek: Pause is good for me, now I go to the training with a smile

Janecek came to the Great Prize of the City of Trutnov after a pause he gave from swimming.

He returned to normal training three weeks before the races. Despite the break, however, in the competition of several representatives he proved he was a great swimmer, and the main race, which was swimming in 200 meters freely in Trutnov, won.

Tomáš Havránka from the Bohemians Praha team managed to sweeten over a second and a half. The third representative was Petr Bartůněk. Still, Janeček was one of his sportsbook bonus performance, worth one minute 50 seconds and 50 hundreds, rather embarrassing.

“On the one hand, I’m happy, it’s the fastest time I flooded in this period after the break. On the other hand, it is a very weak time, I should have reached the long pool always.Besides, I’m not entirely happy with the technique I used to swim in the race. However, it is not a bad start for the season, “Janecek evaluated his performance. In Trutnov, besides the main race, he also swam 100 meters free, two hundred meter radius and a relay. At the great Trutnov prize, the twenty-two-year-old swimmer could win for the fourth time. “I like the races in Trutnov. There is a very friendly atmosphere and the organizers will always give us great conditions for performance. I sometimes find myself at home. I like to go back every year, “said Janecek.The top of the winter swimming season will be the World Championship in Canada, but it has bookmakers comparison the advantage of not having to meet the limit because it is a member of the A-team.

“I am lucky to be able to prepare only for races and I do not have to watch over the limit, “he says about the advantage against the Janecek Olympics. As he admits, he took a nearly one-month break from swimming, saying he helped a lot. “After the Olympics, I needed to relax and for a moment forget about swimming. I did not have a holiday for several years, so I was in need of free time, “said Náchod swimmer,” I only came back to training in the water three weeks ago, and I enjoy it rather than going back.I’m going with a smile now for the training. “

Růžičková is preparing for the Great Pardubice favorite. Tail, I do not sleep, reports


The last night, Martin Růžičková, a racing coach and a former rider, will not wink at the nerves.

“Tail, I do not sleep,” she despairs. The cause of this martyria? By the Sunday of Great Pardubice, one of the greatest victors, the nine-year-old Charme Looka, will be deployed.

Charm is locked, we have a dog there. You do not know who thinks, people are evil. I still have thirty-forty yards of horses. An open window, I’m listening if it’s hanging around somewhere (he was too close to the wall and could not stand – note red.) .Whether it is Sunday or when it starts, “Ruzicka looks up to the summit of the season.

Every morning, she goes to” Inspection “to check that Charme Look is all right. > “She has VIP care. The other horses are also excellent in our stable, but he has a great privilege as a horse. As for training, feeding, everything. Because there are things you do not return.You have to do the maximum – raising a good racing horse to Velka in Pardubice is about little things, “says the coach.

And tells how he runs around the Jizni Mountains in Prague with the rakes and removes the stones so that the horseshoe somewhere he did not mischief and did not hurt badly. “I do it so we do not be sad to underestimate anything.”

In addition to the exceptional service, the gaffer will also get a VIP jockey. Charme Lookov’s court mate Barbora Málková, who is after a cracked vertebrae surgery, will replace the three-time champion Great with the Orphee des Blins Jan Faltejsek.

“The idea got Bara when she was in the hospital. And it was the best one. I also thought about Honza, but I assumed she was bound by a contract in Borsa (Břeclav stables).All other good jockeys, like Mouse, Andrés, Bartos, or Pepík Váňa younger, already had horses. We are so glad that Honza sat down on it. We could not want anything better, “says Růžičková.

The connection of Charme Look – Faltejsek is really interesting. The horse has won three times since August 2015 (including last year’s Prize of the Vltava River and this year’s third qualification at the Grand Pardubice) and once it was the second, which gives a good indication of its qualities and its form.And with Foley on the back…

It’s no surprise that the bookmakers listed Růžičku’s course just 3: 1, lower than they have Rabbit Well and Zarif, or the last year’s winner Nikas, whose triumph additionally has prepared a positive doping.

“We will have a favorite from our stable, where we have mostly Czech horses, in front of those of Váňové – I am in a completely new role that I do not know. Which I never dreamed of.We are going to try to do it with dignity, “Růžičková promises. But she is also planning to help her fulfill the dream of starting in the Great Unfortunate Málek, which Charme Look inherently belongs to. “Tandem driver-rider would be great,” says Ruzicka.

I take the responsibility for myself, Hamilton said after an unsuccessful start


Before the Grand Prix of Japan, Lewis Hamilton worried that the Suzuki’s inner track was still partially wet so he could slip his wheels at the start. Nothing like that happened, but once again, when the red lights went out, it dropped a few in the field.

“The asphalt surface had nothing to do,” said British rider Mercedes at a press conference. “I just made a mistake. I made my turns. ”

In the following 53 rounds, Hamilton did everything to get back to second place. Even though he did not, he could not find anything that would make up his performance. “I tried to move forward what it was. It was not easy, but we really have a lot of trouble, “said the world champion.However, there are times when Mercedes had such a superiority that it could win from the tenth bar. The strong Red Bull is back, and Lewis Hamilton is often not enough for him.

After the previous race in Malaysia, when his trip to victory ended the engine defect, Hamilton could rely on his monopo. Changes in the settings his team did after qualifying helped. The race was usually faster than Rosberg.

“The car was great in the race, it was a wonderful ride and I was really trying. It just did not work out in the end, “recalled the unfortunate fight for the second leg with Max Verstappen.But he did not want to see if the young Dutchman pushed him out of the track in the last round of the track, contrary to the rules. “It does not matter now, we have to look ahead,” he said at a press conference, though immediately after the maneuver of his opponent, he was angry at the radio that Verstappen had changed his mark while braking, which is not the case with the unwritten agreement between Formula One riders.

But the fight for the title does not give up Hamilton. Nike Rosberg loses 33 points, giving him four races before the end of the season as a “healthy distance”. Still, he believes that his teammate could be a little bit miserable now.

MFK Karviná – Bohemians Praha 1905 1:0

The Bohemians 1905 soccer players were a bit spoiled by the end of the autumn when they lost to the goal three minutes before the end. Kangaroos did not draw a series of invincibility for seven matches. The important win of Karviná was the one goal scored by Lukáš Budinsky.

Bohemka did not win this match six times in a row and wanted to extend the series in Karviná. But she did not start well and in the fourth minute of the match, Tomas Wagner was almost in the middle of the match. A great save by keeper Fryšták on the other hand, had a great opportunity to score following a counterattack.

The first half did not bring so many hundreds of goals. The terrain was harder, but the snow in Karvina was full of snow. At 36 minutes she had the first chance of Bohemka, but Krch also sent a balloon over the bar. Coach Martin Hašek could not be too satisfied with the performance of his wardens, which also required the substitution of Kabajev for Nečas.

The second half did not bring anything to life for a long time, only after 78 minutes Moravec burned a huge opportunity, a technical shot from a clear position just past the goal. At the end of the match, Karvina pushed harder into the end, while the Kangaroos were in the draw.

Eventually, the greater desire for the victory of Karvina was won. With 87 minutes played, Letić’s Lukas Budinsky fell dramatically just outside the penalty area. Bohemia wanted to keep the indecisive result, but it did not succeed.

Zbrojovka Brno – Fastav Zlín 1:1

The Zbrojovka Brno under Roman Pivarník did not play in the last autumn game, but after the 1: 1 draw, Zlín also felt bitterness. The home not only led, but even played against a weakened opponent.

Brno has tried a little bit of what Teplice recently passed on its soil. So the game with the opponent in a weakness, which Betclic football betting online eventually did not manage.

The Moravian derby had a lukewarm pace and Zlín’s footballers came to the first opportunity. Down the limelight, Diop and Melicharek finished off with a great lead by the guests. On the other hand, he fired Luton again and, for the change of Škoda’s stroke, he destroyed Dostál. 32 minutes later, the home team was very happy with Kratochvíl’s blocked shot by Martin Zikl, and with his first prize in the highest competition, the Zbrojovka played an important role.

The second half started essentially Unibet like the first one, a great opportunity on the side of the guest Zlin. Daniel Holzer and Dušan Melichárek made a great break and confirmed that he was one of the best players in the league. He was also happy to see that Diop was able to score after 52 minutes with scoring.

The game then shifted from side to side, and essentially anyone could score the second goal. The defensive course of the match was delayed by Ondřej Bačo, who saw the second yellow card for the foul, and Zlín got into a lot of inconvenience. Zbrojovka could have a numeric advantage and if it Unibet online betting games scored the second goal, it would probably be definitely after the game.

But it was different in the end. Dusan Melicharek was doing what he could in the Zbrojovka goal, but Mirzad Mehanovic could not react on the second missile. Everything started with the dilapidated Diopa center, which Melicharek was also able to set out, but Mehanovich had done a lot of work. Fastav showed another poor performance but eventually reached at least one point.

1. FC Slovácko – Vysočina Jihlava 2:1

Slovácko ultimately hibernates outside the descent positions. She decided to win over Jihlava and constellation of other results. For the whole of Uherske Hradiste, this is an important gain, on the other hand, the rescue worries do not release him. Jihlava started well, led in the first half, but then twice collected from the Dankačka and Petra kicks.

It was a very important duel that could have given one or the other team a great psychological advantage to other spring fights. Slovácko started to play very active and had the opportunity to make a penalty kick in the third minute. Keresteš fouled the Zajíce and Judge Proske did not hesitate for a moment. But he did not get the weight of the moment, but the kick kicked so badly that he did not score the goal.

In the 24th minute Juroška failed, with Rakovan’s attempt not to have problems. However, it was not very pleasing for the coaches of Cordula, particularly when Vaculík scored the opening goal of the match, Jiří Krejčí. Jihlava led to Slovácko and it had to blame the previous missed chance.

But the match did not end with the goal and the Slovácko managed to shake. The odds of Daněk and Šumulikovski were not long to wait, but still without the desired effect. Domestic supporters did not wait until the parties changed. Vlastimil Danicek made a close run on the saddle Sadylek – Petr and managed to score 1-1. Slovácko had a rocket start of the second half and immediately after the next event turned the course of the game to its advantage. Kubala pushed through Peter’s pass and with Matěje Rakovan the second shot.

The home could still add more goals, but Rakovan could not get over it. Slovácko eventually won, though it could have been a much more significant difference.

Dukla Praha – FK Teplice 0:2

Eventually, it was just that, and the first outdoor victory is perhaps a bit surprising for an impregnable Julisca. The win of Teplic was born in the first half, because none of the home players responded to the match in the first half of the season and, on the other hand, before the end of the half-time saw the red card Ondřej Kušnír.

At the beginning of the act, she had more top Dukla, which thanks to Holik got into two interesting occasions. In the first case, Holik was on his way, while in the other he was well disarmed by Diviš. Teplice first tried the attention of the goalkeeper in the 24th minute when he shot Tomáš Kučera for the first time. On the other hand, Daniel Tetour did not change the game, but he could not finish the game too close, which Teplice could punish with a quick counterattack by Vaněk, but also in the clear position failed.

Both teams at this stage of the game preyed in offensive actions and the scoreless score finally broke Teplice. Severočes were given a corner kick but Martin Fillo put the ball into the back of the net without any difficulty. Dukla did not wait for anything and the half-time could come to an answer if Milosevic did not hit the pole from a clear position and only a few minutes later Uros Djuranović did not give it. The citizens of Prague had to go for a settlement, but Ondřej Kušnír fouled unnecessarily in just two minutes and was eliminated.

That was a crucial moment of the game, which he decided in essence. At the beginning of the second half of the second half, the weakened Dukla won and then it was very complicated. After the center of Kučera, experienced Jan Rezek and the first outpost of Teplice were close to the limit of the small lime.

Teplice controlled the game until the final whistle, and Julisky could get a much higher win if they turned at least part of the huge amount. They defeated both Kučera and Vaněk, as well as Fillo. The pence of dropped chances eventually meant that Teplice took the “only” double-blind result.

We got stupid goals, regretted Hrošovský after a defeat with FCSB

Patrik Hrošovský’s substitute after the 0: 3 defeat at the Bucharest FCSB pitcher was sorry that the players of Pilsen made a lot of mistakes in the opening match of the European League team and were Unibet getting stupid goals. According to the Slovak representative, the game did not fall.

“I think we had good passages in the first half, we were able to keep the ball, but we were just stupid goals, first the penalty, the second goal before the half was cheap, just kicked in the defense and we Unibet welcome bonus collected it” Hrošovský told reporters.

According to him, the game markedly influenced the disputed penalty kick in the 22nd minute after the battle of Tomáš Hájek with Constantin Budesc. “Penalta has had a lot of influence on him, we got a goal from him. We had a chance before, if we turned it, it could look different,” Hrošovský thought. “It was a difficult one, but it was the referee who determined it, but we have to play on, this can Unibet not make us miss,” added the mid-level midfielder.

Pavel Vrba’s confidants did not succeed in the second half, and in the 72th minute they collected the third goal from the former Steau. “This was a tricky one: this experienced team, when he heads 2: 0, puts himself in the back, plays in breads and does not let us go,” Hrošovský said. “We lost 0: 3, but the game Unibet was not that bad, but we made mistakes that our opponent punished,” added former Sokolov, Usti nad Labem and Znojmo.

The Pilsen players did not win in the European Cups for the eleventh time. “We miss the win, but it was the first game, we Unibet have five more, the chance for progress is still high,” Hrošovský told the group G, where Viktoria still encounters Israeli Hapoel Beer Sheva and Swiss Lugano.

Wenger expected he would not play because of fan issues

Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger was convinced that the European League match with Cologne, which was preceded by problems with visiting fans, will not be played. The match eventually started with an hour-long delay and the London team at the start of the basic group won 3: 1. Both clubs have begun investigating UEFA because of incidents.

Duel was originally scheduled to start at 21:00, but there were several skirmishes before the stadium. At the first cup of the German team after 25 years, according to media, 20,000 fans arrived, although only 3,000 tickets were available. A couple of other more than a hundred of them got to the home fans’ stands. Police have detained five people in connection with incidents.

“Together with colleagues from Cologne, we tried to prevent people without tickets for the match,” Arsenal said in a statement. “Three thousand tickets were in accordance with the rules, but it turned out that a lot of fans still without tickets, which resulted in blocked entrances and several incidents in front of the stadium. A lot of extra tickets were sold on the black market,” he added.

Wenger has admitted after meeting that he expects that for the sake of security, the match will not be played on Thursday. “When I saw the pictures, I thought they would not risk and play,” he said. “We waited in the locker room, wondering what will happen: We will play tomorrow? Or next week? It was a lot of speculation and I was convinced that he will not play,” he said.

Guest coach Peter Stöger did not want to comment on the start of the match or incident. “I will not comment on the fans, I’m a coach and my job is to look after them, not the fans,” he said.

Clubs have also begun to investigate UEFA for casualties. Arsenal was charged with violation of safety rules, while Cologne’s whole face charges because of the behavior of fans who threw objects onto the field, fired pyrotechnic devices damaged stadium.